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What Women Should Know About Their Periodontal Health

While everyone should take special care to maintain good dental hygiene, women have a few specific issues that they should consider. There are many things that can change the way that their teeth and gums behave. Hormonal changes can dramatically alter the tissue of a woman. There are many changes in the hormones of a […]

Steps to Prevent Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease is disease or gum inflammation caused by a number of things including poor dental hygiene. All ages of people are susceptible to periodontal disease. This type of disease can cause greater health problems such as illness, pain and even the loss of teeth. There are steps that you can take to prevent periodontal […]

Bite Guards – How to Know if You Need One

There are many reasons that a person would want to consider discussing a bite guard with their dentist. Bite guards are used to help individuals with off-set teeth to keep from grinding their teeth. Typically this is worn only at night, which is often when the grinding occurs, but in some cases could be worn […]