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Benefits of Removable Partial Dentures

Benefits of Partial Dentures - Orlando ProsthodontistBetter known as an artificial tooth appliance, a removable partial denture is often used in order to replace one or many missing teeth. The removable partial denture itself is attached to remaining teeth in the mouth with various metal clasps to keep it intact and secure. These dentures can be removed to allow for easy cleaning. The base of these dentures is typically made of either metal or acrylic. The gums of this appliance is made of acrylic and the teeth can be made from porcelain or acrylic too.

How They Work

A professional dentist will design a pair that will best suit each patient’s needs. Removable partial dentures require soft tissues and remaining teeth. This makes having a thorough dental examination important to determine whether or not any dental work is required before the fitting for these removable partial dentures.

Partial dentures are typically made of a resin base where the artificial teeth are inserted. These are custom made by a lab with a model of the patient’s mouth. Conventional removable partial dentures are used in order to replace one or more missing teeth. The clasps used to hold them in place can be made of a resin material as well, which is designed to be less visible to the eye. The fit of the partial is especially important as it will affect the bite. A bad bite can lead to trauma to the gums and existing teeth. The fit also influences the look and the function too.

Pros of Removable Partial Dentures

  1. This is a less invasive procedure and typically has a lower cost than replacing teeth altogether.
  2. They are easy to add to if additional teeth are required in the future.
  3. They help to restore comfort when eating, chewing and even when speaking.
  4. They improve the look of the mouth and gives confidence to those who have missing teeth
  5. They protect the gums and oral tissues and prevent existing teeth from drifting into any gaps left by missing teeth. When this happens, food particles can become trapped, which leads to bacteria growth and even gum disease.
  6. Most patients have no problem adapting to removable partial dentures as compared to complete ones.

There is a break in time when getting used to the partial much like anything else. Also proper brushing and flossing is required with removable partial dentures as they do increase plaque buildup and can lead to tooth decay.

Caring for Removable Partial Dentures

Every night the partial must be removed in order to relieve both the gum tissue and teeth. They require good blood circulation and air to be healthy. Store the removable partial dentures in clean water. Place the partial in the mouth using the fingers and not by biting it. This can stress the clasps and lead to breakages.

Ultimately, removable partial dentures are a great option for many individuals with missing teeth. They cost less, they’re easy to adapt too and can easily be customized for each dental patient. Talk about a win-win!

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