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What Women Should Know About Their Periodontal Health

What Women Should Know About Their Periodontal HealthWhile everyone should take special care to maintain good dental hygiene, women have a few specific issues that they should consider. There are many things that can change the way that their teeth and gums behave. Hormonal changes can dramatically alter the tissue of a woman. There are many changes in the hormones of a woman during various parts of life including puberty, during pregnancy and even menopause. There are special considerations to be made during these times of your life.

Considerations During Puberty

Higher levels of sex hormones in a woman’s body as produced during puberty can dramatically increase the sensitivity of gums. This heightened sensitivity can cause higher levels of irritation from pieces of food as well as plague that might build up. This can quickly cause swelling, redness and irritation to the gums.

Considerations During Menstruation

Days and as much as a week, before menstruation, a woman can feel similar irritation in their gums. The gums can be tender, red and even have developing sores as well as on the interior of the cheeks. This is due to the swelling in the body during this menstruation period. These symptoms will often subside shortly after the onset of their period.

Considerations During Pregnancy

During pregnancy there are many things in a woman’s body that can change. The inflammation throughout the body can change the way that the gums feel and how they are easily irritated. Along with the swelling, bleeding and tenderness that might occur, the gums could also have small bumps or growths that will subside after pregnancy. In some cases they may need to be removed by a professional. These may come with pain or may have no pain at all.

It is important that you take special care to notice these changes during pregnancy. Any infection that might occur during this time could be dangerous to the fetus and you will want to notify your health care professional as soon as you discover these changes.

Considerations When Taking Birth Control

Some contraceptives can cause the gums to swell, bleed and be irritated much like when you are pregnant. The changes in hormone caused by these contraceptives are usually to blame. You will want to discuss these issues with a professional and talk about the contraceptives that you are taking.

Considerations During Menopause

Some of the changes to your gums during menopause might include pain, burning, a salty taste, a peppery taste or even sour tastes. This could occur during or menopause.

The best way to deal with dental health issues during these times is to visit your dentist regularly, practice your good dental hygiene and make note of any issues you might be having. Be sure to discuss medications you might be taking, including contraception, when you visit your dentist. Be sure to mention any dental issues you are having when you visit your physician. The medical professionals will want to work together to ensure you are doing all that you can to protect yourself from any permanent damage.

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