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Why More People Are Choosing Dental Implants

dental implants in OcoeeMany more people are choosing Dental Implants over partials, bridges, and dentures. This is highly due to the way they look and feel much like natural teeth. By selecting this method of tooth replacement, there are many benefits. There are no uncomfortable wires, it can be a relatively easy process with instant results on many cases.   Here are a few reasons why so many people prefer this method over others.

First, let’s look at the aesthetics. When teeth are missing it can ultimately change the look of your face. Teeth are necessary to maintaining the structure of your jawline. Without teeth your jaw will start to deteriorate and cause deformities in the face. These deformities can result with a sagging face, and caved lower jaw. Dental implants can prevent the progressive bone loss that will happen after teeth removal which usually happens if the tooth socket is not stimulated by its root.

Second reason people are choosing this method; would be how they feel. Because the replacement is attached to your natural bone, it fuses together with the jaw allowing it to become more like a real tooth. The tooth doesn’t have any plastic or wires that are uncomfortable and they’re a permanent method to replacing your teeth. Many people say they can’t tell the difference between the real tooth and the implant, making this an ideal solution.

Dental Implants give you a youthful appearance making you more attractive and giving you additional confidence. Choosing a Prosthodontist like Dr. Martinez who specializes on the rehabilitation of the mouth is like a bullet proof solution. If you’re missing one of more of your teeth, then this alternative maybe what’s best for you. Many people assume that implants are only selected by elderly people. However, they are ideal for any age. Teens that play sports or are prone to loss of teeth, make great candidates for this solution.

If you are missing one or two of your teeth, then you may be experiencing a lack of appetite. Many people that are faced with poor oral hygiene also experience a lack of nutrition. It may be difficult to eating and drinking the foods that you love. With Dental Implants you’ll have the ability to enjoy food once again.

Dental implants are safe, comfortable, easy to maintain and most of all can change your life. People with missing or bad teeth, are often embarrassed not only by their appearance but also by their speech. Candidates that have missing teeth often times have difficulty speaking. By having a prosthodontist install the implant you’ll want to share your smile with everyone and will gain a higher quality of life eliminating the embarrassments.

Self-esteem is improved with a healthy and bright smile. When you’ve got an improved appearance, your entire attitude will change.

Because Dental Implants look and feel like real teeth, routine maintenance is important. Seeing your Prosthodontist regularly is necessary in order to keep good dental health.

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