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Dr. Martinez provides dental services related to a persons bite or occlusion to his dental patients in Ocoee, .

What Is Adjustment Dentistry?

When a person’s upper and lower jaw do not fit together when biting, as time passes damage usually occur in such forms as higher wear and tear, cracking, tooth breakage and even bone loss. Another problem that usually develops is pain in the patient’s jaw-bone or the feeling of the joints cracking. Other areas that can be affected are a person’s ability to eat properly, chew food, their physical appearance and even their speech.

What Are The Symptons Of Bite Occlusion?

Interestingly enough there are a wide variety of symptoms one can experience due to bite occlusion. Below you’ll fined a list of some of the most common occlusion symptoms:

  • severe headaches
  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • TMJ syndrome

Dr. Martinez has extensive advanced training in treatment of occlusion disorders. He also has advanced expertise in restoration of worn and missing teeth. For more information on the treatment of occlusion (bite) disorders at our office in Ocoee, Fl. please give us a call at Smiles of Orlando Número de teléfono 407-656-8080.