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Doctor reviews and ratings are becoming a more popular resource for helping you choose a doctor. Just like you can find out how good a plumber is, or find reviews of a restaurant you choose, or even gain some insight on the little boutique on the corner… There are places online where you can share your opinion about the care you received from your dentist, or use others’ opinions to help you choose the right doctor for you.

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But how trustworthy can an online doctor review be? A review that was written in haste, or in anger, for example, won’t be helpful to the patient who trusts it, and could even be harmful. A well-considered and fairly crafted review can be helpful. By making sure the review is fair and objective, you’ll be contributing to the usefulness of online doctor reviews. If you would like to leave Dr. Javier E. Martinez DDS, MS aka Smiles of Orlando a fair and objective review please click on the links below: