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Computer-guided implant surgery is the process of pre-planning the implant surgery on a computer using the patient’s 3D CatScan image and planning software. The conventional method of using the patient’s standard x-ray to dictate the implant surgery cannot transfer the exact position of the implant, however, guided implant surgery can transfer the plan just as Dr. Martinez executes it on the computer using Anatomage, one of the latest software used today. To carry out the surgery exactly as the surgery plan, a custom surgical guide is made from this extensive plan.

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Guided Implant Surgery through CT Scanning and 3D Imaging

Computer-guided implant surgery represents a giant step forward in the replacement of teeth with dental implants. Using Computerized Tomography (CT) Scan techniques and 3-D imaging, Dr. Martinez is able to visualize the placement of dental implants in three dimensions. This eliminates the guesswork involved in determining what parts of the jawbone offer the best sites for dental implant placement.

Simplifying Dental Implant Treatment & Increasing Patient Satisfaction

It also allows Dr. Martinez to create a restoration prior to surgery and place the restoration on the day of the surgery. Computer-guided implant surgery provides greater patient satisfaction and simplifies the dental implant treatment process.

This technique has revolutionized the industry and provides more accurate and safer positioning of dental implants, giving your permanent teeth in hours, not months. It is rapidly becoming the standard of care for implant rehabilitation.

Benefits of Using Computer-Guided Surgery During Implant Placement

  • Surgery can be precise, safe, and predictable
  • Less risk of compromising adjacent nerves, blood vessels, and sinus cavity
  • Enables flapless surgery, shorter recovery time, and less pain for the patient
  • Bone grafts can be minimized
  • Surgery time is shorter
  • Allows for proper selection of implant length and diameter
  • Prefabrication of the prosthesis, abutments, and immediate loading is possible

In recent scientific studies, it is said that dental implants placed by a trained specialist have higher overall success rates and fewer post-treatment problems.

There are risks involved in placing implants, including damage to a nerve or sinus cavity, which are magnified when the practitioner lacks adequate training and technology. For these reasons, Dr. Martinez utilizes Computer Guided Dental Implant techniques to maximize precision.

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